At LOTUS STAR HYGIENE SOLUTIONS Pvt Ltd. we are committed to helping people meet and exceed their needs for a cleaner, safer and more comfortable washroom and are driven by our ability to develop, manufacture and commercialise the most differentiated and best hygiene and odour control systems.

Fundamentally understanding the health and wellness needs of people who use washrooms away from home.inndash

inndashInvesting in research and development to provide innovative and technologically advanced products and systems.

inndashIntroducing the continuous flow of customer-need-driven, high quality hygiene washroom solutions through product system supremacy.


A refreshing ambiance renews the soul. The freshness of a place can energize both the body and mind


A healthy environment starts with cleanliness.Clean not just to the naked eyes but sanitized for a germ free experience


Neutralizing bad odor and spreading the right frangance gives a sense of freshness, cleaniliness and the aroma


Aroma can also be theuraptic. An odorless washroom made pleasant with the right fragrance gives the right aroma

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