Skin Care

Skin Care -Body and Hairwash

Formulated with special ingredients to make showering or bathing a luxurious experience. Reduces wastage and as a result, costs. Leak-proof valve keeps bathrooms fixtures free from soap residues allowing faster and easier cleaning. Perfect for the hospitality industry. Soap Refills … Continue reading

Skin Care – Spray Soap

Handlotion Foam Soap For general use. It contains mild cleaning ingredients, with skin neutral pH. The soap is pleasantly perfumed. Dermo Foam Soap Specially formulated for frequent hand washing. This soap contains mild cleaning ingredients and emollients, which moisturize the … Continue reading

Skin Care – Foam Soap

The System is the most innovative and latest development available in the industry. The Technology A foam pump is supplied with each refill. This means that every user will get high quality foam without having problems with clogging. When empty, … Continue reading


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