Skin Care – Foam Soap

The System

is the most innovative and latest development available in the industry.

The Technology

foamsoapA foam pump is supplied with each refill. This means that every user will get high quality foam without having problems with clogging. When empty, the separated bag-in-box refill and pump are disposed of, which ensures a safe and hygienic system.

Why Foam Soap?

This system produces a rich and creamy lather, which provides a luxurious hand washing experience.

The Advantages

Due to the efficiency of the Foam Soap pump, each activation releases 0.4 grams of soap compared to 1 to 1.5 grams in conventional systems. This reduction can amount to savings of 40%. In addition there is labor savings, which results from an increased refill cycle.

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A refreshing ambiance renews the soul. The freshness of a place can energize both the body and mind


A healthy environment starts with cleanliness.Clean not just to the naked eyes but sanitized for a germ free experience


Neutralizing bad odor and spreading the right frangance gives a sense of freshness, cleaniliness and the aroma


Aroma can also be theuraptic. An odorless washroom made pleasant with the right fragrance gives the right aroma

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