Hand Care

Multifold Towel Dispensers (3 Fold)
Paper 3 Fold Golden White Towel (42 GSM)

Advantages :

  • Durable high-impact rigid plastic construction.
  • Fresh, clean towels dispensed simply by pulling a single tissue at a time.
  • Cost reduction of at least 30% compared with folded paper towels and up to 70% compared with textile towel rolls.
  • Easy to refill and service.
  • Increases personal hygiene.
  • Dispenses 1 tissue at a time.
  • Easy positioning at any location.
  • Only touch the tissue you use.
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A refreshing ambiance renews the soul. The freshness of a place can energize both the body and mind


A healthy environment starts with cleanliness.Clean not just to the naked eyes but sanitized for a germ free experience


Neutralizing bad odor and spreading the right frangance gives a sense of freshness, cleaniliness and the aroma


Aroma can also be theuraptic. An odorless washroom made pleasant with the right fragrance gives the right aroma

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