The sense of smell plays an important role in our perceptions. According to a world leading authority, the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the sense of smell plays a more vital role in making a first impression than sight or hearing. Smell directly impacts on the brain, has the potential to affect moods and prompts positive or negative responses.

If a washroom has an unpleasant smell, it will be judged as dirty. Even if a washroom has been cleaned thoroughly an odour is created as soon as the facilities are used. Eliminating unpleasant, ‘unavoidable’ odours and introducing fresh, pleasant fragrances into the washroom environment will convey the fact that the room is clean and hygienic. In other words, if the washroom smells clean, the public is reassured that it is clean.

Technical Concepts fragrance development programme aims to:
  • Provide leading fragrance technology.
  • Be better than any other air care product.
  • Make fragrance choice simple.
  • Provide a range of fragrances that satisifies regional and geographical preferences.
  • Introduce the concept of automated odour control in new markets.

Experts in Fragrance Development

Technical Concepts is the only manufacturer of air care systems to have developed a range of fragrances based on research into user preferences by one of the world’s leading perfumers, Givaudan Roure.

NEUTRALLE fragrances are some of the most sophisticated in the world. They are linked to international perfume brands, having been developed using the same techniques. Only the finest perfume oils are used and each fragrance is ‘mapped’ according to fragrance type and regional preference.

Fragrance mapping and monitoring trends in fragrance preferences across cultures and regions is ongoing work and one of the differentiating factors that marks Technical Concepts’ NEUTRALLE air care systems as leaders in the market.

  • Fragrance Mapping – Neutralle Fragrances have been categorised into 5 internationally recognised preferred fragrance zones: Floral; Fruit; Citrus; Forest; Earth.
  • Fragrance Mapping – Neutralle Fragrances have been categorised into 5 internationally recognised preferred fragrance zones: Floral; Fruit; Citrus; Forest; Earth.
  • Fragrance Ambience – Each fragrance has different qualities and characteristics. Fragrance selection can be based on the effect or appeal of the fragrance.

Experts in Fragrance Technology

NEUTRALLE air care refills have two essential jobs to perform – to remove unpleasant odours and to promote fresh, pleasant fragrance. All formulations have been developed using safe ingredients that are registered and approved for use under EU legislations.
  • Microtrans, a proprietary odour neutralising agent that eliminates, rather that masks odours and guarantees effective odour control.
  • Modern propellants and solvents that avoid the use of banned or harmful substances such as nonyl phenol and glycol ethers that are commonly found in aerosol air freshening products.
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A refreshing ambiance renews the soul. The freshness of a place can energize both the body and mind


A healthy environment starts with cleanliness.Clean not just to the naked eyes but sanitized for a germ free experience


Neutralizing bad odor and spreading the right frangance gives a sense of freshness, cleaniliness and the aroma


Aroma can also be theuraptic. An odorless washroom made pleasant with the right fragrance gives the right aroma

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